The length of the product is 40 cm.
Width of the chest - 23 cm.

The length of the product is 80 cm.
Width of the waist - 30 cm.


Our Mission

Working on Lenrei wasn’t the easiest task for Kristina. Unfortunately, she had to face many complications and unfair practices when developing her brand. 

Now, as a young female entrepreneur who overcame various hardships, she decided to stand up for all women. Lenrei provides female entrepreneurs with essential resources and helps them build their own businesses.

About Support Program

When shopping with Lenrei, you can be a part of something bigger! Every time you purchase from us, 10% goes towards actionable resources for ambitious female entrepreneurs. 

That’s right, every garment makes a huge difference, aiding women and inspiring them to move forward, make their dreams a reality and become independent.


1. What is Lenrei’s ultimate goal?
Lenrei wants to inspire all its customers with an all-black collection that keeps them both comfortable and stylish. At the same time, the company wants to provide for other female entrepreneurs.
2. Lenrei is claiming to help other women. How does that work?
Kristina, Lenrei’s founder, decided to start the Support Program, which will financially aid other women on their entrepreneurial path. Lenrei can help female entrepreneurs set up their business websites, do photoshoots, promote their services, and so on.
3. Will all of my purchases be qualified for the Support Program?
Yes. 10% of every purchase from Lenrei goes toward the Support Program fund, with no exceptions.
4. Who’s eligible to join the Support Program?
Any female entrepreneur aged 18 to 50 and registered as self-employed is eligible to join Lenrei’s Support Program.
5. Where will the 10% from my purchase go after I place an order?
10% of every purchase will go towards the Support Program fund. After that, the money will be used to pay for any service the eligible female entrepreneur requests.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Support Program and how you can be a part of it.

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